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Blumohito Water Elements

Globe, Egg and Molecola are stand-alone interior water features hand made in Italy by Blumohito: solid shaped sculptures that feature a thin water film continuously running over their surfaces. Therefore, Water Elements are perfect when installed in open spaces.

The water film acts as a natural humidifier, and it contributes to improve the quality of the room air.

⦿ Work of art of high scenic contribution

⦿ It captures and neutralizes dusts, smoke, odours

⦿ It naturally balances room humidity when room air is too dry

⦿ No installation needed (AC plug only)

⦿ Environmentally sustainable, low environmental impact

⦿ Reduced maintenance

⦿ Made in Italy

Blumohito Water Element is the easiest way to enjoy a 3D water feature, without the hassle of plumbing works. Furthermore, the designer can customize the water element by choosing the flowing surface among artistic Blumohito Finishing, hand-made Mosaic with either ‘Tessellatum’ or Byzantine technique.

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