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Blumohito Water Wall


Blumohito Water Wall is an indoor water feature that improves the quality of the room atmosphere, because the thin water film that continuously flows over its surface moisturizes the air, attracts and removes fine dusts, smoke and odours.

The flowing surface is the main component of every Water Wall: at Blumohito we have developped a proprietary technology based on an exclusive cement-like resin that helps the water spreading.

The five coating processes  are all made by hand, and therefore Blumohito Metallic Finish pattern is truly unique for every single piece.

The water flow is enhanced by the Metallic finishes of our colour chart, but if the designer has very specific demands (i.e. a room with a main colour theme), then we may customize our water walls by developping samples in any RAL colour.

Not only colours, but also dimensions and components can be adjusted to meet the designer’s requirements: the finish of the steel parts of our water features can be picked from a palette of 22 different options (chrome, gold, nickel, blue steel, parkerized, brass, black nickel…).

  •  Work with high scenic contribution
  •  It captures and neutralizes dusts, smoke, odours
  •  It naturally balances room humidity when room air is too dry
  •  It runs in closed-loop, therefore freshwater consumption is minimal
  •  It is a unique piece, because each water wall is carefully hand made at our premises in Vicenza
  •  Made In Italy

Blumohito Water Wall can either be crate-delivered, ready to run, or, when dimensions make transportation challenging, it can be made on site by our craftsmen in a one-piece solution (CUSTOM PROJECT).

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