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Blumohito Water Picture

Blumohito Water Picture is an interior water feature created to blend in the environment. The continuous flow a thin water film over its surface improves the quality of the room air. Colours and materials can be tailored to the designer’s demands.

⦿ Work of art of high scenic contribution

⦿ It captures and neutralizes dusts, smoke, odours

⦿ It naturally balances room humidity when room air is too dry

⦿ Easy to install and move

⦿ Low environmental impact (minimal freshwater consumption)

⦿ Internal LED lighting for stronger visual impact

⦿ Made in Italy

Blumohito Water Picture is the easiest way to enjoy the advantages of a water wall, without the hassle of plumbing works. Furthermore, the designer can customize the water picture by choosing the frame colour and material, as well as choosing the flowing surface among artistic Blumohito Finishing, hand-made mosaic with either ‘Tessellatum’ or Byzantine technique, or natural onyx.

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