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SAG Smart Acoustic Green

is a stabilized moss wall made of stabilized plant species (Cladonia Arbuscula) from Northern Europe, coupled to a sound dampening layer that is glued to a natural base layer (plywood from renewable sources). Stabilizing process brings the vegetal to a steady state, then it remains soft and fresh for an indefinite period of time if room humidity is above 40-50%. Unlike conventional green living walls, SAG does not require any watering nor lighting, so installation and maintenance cannot be easier.

Moss Wall - Design for interiors


is the best available on the market, and it is fully guaranteed free of any chemical compound. At our premises in Vicenza (Italy)we hand pick & trim the vegetal, then we hand fix it tightly to have a thick and rich vegetal surface. Although this process is costly and time-consuming, all is done by hand because quality is our committment, and we take pride to have in our range the finest product on the market of the moss boards.


Panels are custom-cut to fit the project at best, and we keep their dimensions as large as possible to ensure a perfect installation. The final result of this care and attention to to the detail, the maximum density of the vegetal layer and the intrinsic peculiarity of the raw material, is excellent acoustic dampening. The colour can be selected from our chart, but we can easily manage also custom requests like signs, multicolor patterns, color fading effects, and logos of any material and shape. The versatility of the product and our ability to apply it to any surface, allow us to give the designer the widest range of design options: we are ready to study any request, even the most demanding.