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Blumohito SAG

Smart Acoustic Green

Smart Acoustic Green is a moss wall made of a stabilized vegetal from northern Europe for interior projects requirements. It is a vertical installation with a strong emotional impact, that is felt in the first instance for the extraordinary presence of the smooth vegetal surface, and later for the significant contribution that the installation provides for glare reduction and dampening of background noise. The vegetal layer improves the acoustic properties of the substrate to which it is coupled, further improving the acoustic performances and thus raising the level of well-being.

⦿ Work of art of high scenic contribution

⦿ High acoustic properties

⦿ Stabilized plant

⦿ Removable

⦿ Environmentally sustainable, low environmental impact

⦿ Low or no maintenance

⦿ Made in Italy

Blumohito Smart Acoustic Green Vegetals can either be delivered framed and ready for installation (SAG Picture) or in a full WALL layout (SAG Wall) when dimensions and designer’s requirements need a CUSTOM PROJECT

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SAG Smart Acoustic Green - Moss Wall