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Blumohito Metallic Artistic Finishing is a proprietary water film technology, based on exclusive materials specifically developped to be in constant friction with the water flow.
When building water walls of any height, droplets falling in front of the wall is one of the main concerns. The ideal material must keep the water film spreading evenly, and constantly descending all along the surface.

The exclusive cement-like resin that we use forces the water film to diffuse naturally, and it allows us to reach unprecedented heights, while keeping its flow in controlled fall along the water wall.


Our craftsmen create by hand the unmistakable Blumohito pattern, that is unique in each and every piece of ours. This ‘Bucciardatura‘ process is important for the ton-sur-ton colour effect because it gives depth and movement, as well as for our signature Metallic Finishing becuse it makes it glitter and shine.


The colour shades can be selected from our metallic range, or it can be custom- tailored to the designer’s request. Obviously, in such a case we prepare colour swatches that must match the designer’s requirement.


When the project calls for water walls larger than 10sqm, transportation is an issue: Blumohito can make any project on-site, anywhere. Our team is well experienced at moving to the venue, and making the water wall on site in a one-piece solution.


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