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Design, nature, technology.
Blumohito merges these three words, where respect for the material blends with the knowledge of manufacturing Made in Italy strictly.

Young and vibrant Brand that creates water and green installations for interior since 2009. All Blumohito works are handcrafted in Italy, using proprietary technologies and exclusive finishes.

Besides custom installations, Blumohito product range offers a wide selection of interior water and green features, all characterized by both their minimalist design, and the palette of materials and formats: from a whole wall surface to a natural painting, or to a selfstanding feature. Unique objects capable of generating emotions and a sense of well-being.

Blumohito uses “tailor-made” production processes to create interior design with a personal and innovative style. The result is the development of a new dimension of luxury, where the perfect beauty of nature is enhanced with the latest generation technology.

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